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Innovation and Future Technology Forum: Insights of Tomorrow
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-06

As we still found ourselves recovering from the shock at AlphaGo’s victory over Lee Se Dol and Ke Jie, the open confrontation between Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook on how Artificial Intelligence will impact the future of human world fired away and aroused another round of controversy. Will AI be the great assistant to the human race or simply evolve to overturn the human civilizations? When exactly will the singularity arrive? How was the magic material of graphene developed and what is lying ahead? Innovation in science and technology, which used to concern only the scientists, is gradually having everyone involved in the cashless society where supermarkets operate with no staff and cycling is always one scan away.    


(China High-Tech Forum of the 2017 CHTF 

AI, Life Science, Graphene and Intelligent Manufacturing 

8 forums on respective themes 

60 keynote speeches by over 70 guest speakers 

2 high-end dialogues 

and release of latest reports ) 


In the context of growing concern on the future of AI technology, the Innovation and Future Technology Forum of the China High-Tech Forum, to be staged on November 17 in Room Bougainvillea, 5/F of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, will not only present the subversive technologies of tomorrow but encourage discussions on this multifaceted topic. The forum will elaborate on the theme of Insights of Tomorrow, with a view to clearing doubts and enlightening the public on the progress of three sectors, i.e. artificial intelligence, genetic science and graphene. Leading professional research institutes will present the latest in-depth studies on the respective industries. Scientists at home and abroad will candidly share their visions and discoveries from an international perspective. There will also be cross-border dialogues between researchers and practitioners for a comprehensive discussion on the progress in research and application of the innovation.   

The Forum will honorably present guest speakers from a wide range of sectors. They are: 

      Prof. Dr. Konstantin Novoselov (the 2010 Nobel Laureate for Physics),  

      Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit (President of AITC, Science Director of DFKI and academician of the European  

      Academy of Sciences and Art),  

      Scott Beaumont (President of Google Greater China),  

      Shen Xiaowei (CTO of IBM Greater China and the President of the IBM China Research Lab),  

      Horace Chow (COO of Microsoft China),  

      Wang Haifeng (VP of Baidu,responsible for the AIG),  

      Li Desheng (GM of China Strategy Office, Intel China and person in charge of the Intel China Innovation 


      Paul Eremenko (CTO of Airbus),  

      Pu Guannan (Product Partnership, APAC),  

      Zhu Yanmei (Executive VP of BGI),  

      Wang Jun(founder and CEO of iCarbon X),  

      Wang Xiaochuan (CEO of Sogou),  

      Chen Lei(CEO of Xunlei CEO of ONETHING Technology)  

      and Liu Zihong (Chairman and CEO of Royole)   

In addition, a latest report on the status-quo and future development of AI technology conducted by McKinsey & Company will also be presented by Christopher Thomas, its global partner and Vice Chairman at the forum. For attendees the Forum will prove to be a perfect place to get the pulse of the AI industry with the composition of fabulous keynote speeches, in-depth dialogues between guest speakers and relevant cutting-edge reports on the sector.