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Russian Delegation Set to Display at CHTF 2017, Seeking Mutual Development
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-06

Focusing on displaying international advanced technologies and products as well as providing a platform for “One Belt, One Road” countries to show their technical and economic achievements, the “Belt & Road” Pavilion is attracting more and more “One Belt, One Road” delegations. This year, the Delegation of Russian Education and Technology Department will come and exhibit again, marking its 18th participation in CHTF. 

In recent years, the Sino-Russian strategic partnership has been continuously strengthening, and both governments have attached great importance to hi-tech cooperation. The Russian delegation has always been a star in CHTF’s international area throughout these years. This year, the delegation will comprise around 20 Russian hi-tech institutions, universities and innovative companies to display the latest achievements in mobile technology, new materials, information and communication technologies. 

Russia-based ABBYY, a world’s leading optical character recognition company, will bring developers its Real-Time Recognition SDK which can help them capture characters in mobile applications. In the future, from payment information on bills and checks to personal information on ID cards, mobile users will only have to put the camera in front of the texts to capture and use the information instantly. 

Technical University of Moscow, Moscow State Technical University, Tyumen Industrial University and some other well-noted higher education institutions will also exhibit at CHTF. Far Eastern Federal University will display a self-adapting industrial robot which can locate the machining spot and conduct high-precision operations automatically. In addition, St. Petersburg National Institute of Technology will attend CHTF again and display its network monitoring and controlling technologies, such as the software security platform used for M2M network, the intrusion detection nervous system applied in autonomous vehicle network, and the netflow analysis system. 

GEOTECH, the Russian leader in engineering geophysical investigations, is active in the fields of road, railway, airport, oil & gas, and engineering construction, and was reported last year by China Central Television. At CHTF 2017, it will bring a series of major products including ground penetrating radar OKO, GPR detector RO-400, digital multichannel engineering seismograph Lakkolit-X-M4, and construction scanner 1700 3D. 

As for micro-electronics, Russia’s RMT Ltd. will bring its latest invention, an automatic device power supply, which is low energy-consuming per se and can automatically collect thermoelectric energy, freeing those who need to change device batteries frequently. What’s more, Russia’s IBIK will provide ASTER, the top-class computer technology sharing software. Telebiomet will display its HMI based on infrared spectroscopy. 

The world has entered an unprecedented innovation era. Russia, as a sci-tech power with leading positions in micro-electronics, astrophysics and supercomputer, is increasingly manifesting its importance in the Sino-Russia technology cooperation and exchanges as the two countries deepen political and strategic mutual trust, particularly in strengthening the strategic link between “One Belt, One Road” countries and the European Economic Union. During CHTF 2017, the Russian delegation will comprehensively display its technology achievements and innovation strength while seeking more channels for cooperation and mutual development.