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Dream of the Belt and Road • Actions Change the Future
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-06

- CHTF “Belt and Road” Innovative Cooperation Forum  

The grand idea of China’s Belt and Road Initiatives connecting the ancient with the modern, and China with other countries in the World endows the ancient Silk Road a brand new connotation within the times. Under the background of global economic integration, it is a forward-looking strategic layout and an all-win path for peaceful development, presenting us crucial opportunities by the times both for the development of cities and enterprises. 

The “Belt and Road” Innovative Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the “Forum”) of CHTF aims to meet the national strategic height by focusing on the topic of “Innovative Green Economy · Linking Regional Cooperation”. It will be held on 6th Floor, Narcissus Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of November 17, 2017. Friends at home and abroad desiring for cooperation on the “Belt and Road” Initiatives will gather here to discuss the enormous opportunities of related programs in the market, and carry out exchanges and cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road initiatives at a high level so as to achieve a win-win development pattern of innovation. 

This forum brings together the following features: 

First, high-profile with prominent themes. As the only theme forum concentrating on the “Belt and Road” initiatives, this forum receives high attention from relevant state ministries and commissions and Shenzhen Municipal Government who will also participate in this forum 

Second, a strong lineup with big shots. Speeches will be delivered by these guest speakers, including Mr. Gilles Mahieu, Governor of the Province of Brabant in Belgium; Mr. Jean-Philippe Devaux, Deputy Director General of the Berne Economic Promotion Agency, Switzerland; Mr. Carlos Tortola, Chief Commercial Consul of the Spanish Consulate General in Guangzhou; Mr. Dani Halim and Mr. Xu Hande, Vice President of RAB GLOBAL GREEN SDN BHD, Brunei Darussalam and the Vice President in Asia-Pacific area respectively; Mr. Feng Xingliang, Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office of Investment Promotion Agency, NRW Germany.   

Well-known domestic enterprises will also make speeches here, including these world top 500 enterprises: Amer International Group, Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Vietnam (Shenzhen-Hai Phong) economic and trade cooperation zone, Automobile City (International) Group as well as International Federation of Industrial Innovation, Forum Organizing Committee, etc. As a guest speaker at the forum, they will work with you to discuss and share opportunities and experiences in the integration of the “Belt and Road” Initiatives. 

Third, international and distinguished guests gathering. Nearly 300 domestic and foreign guests will attend the forum. You will have the opportunity to participate in this forum jointly with politicians from various countries, representatives of Chinese embassies and consulates, business leaders, and achieve a face-to-face talking at the business luncheon. You can learn more about the market trends in China and the world in a multi-dimensional manner, capture the latest cooperation opportunities in the “Belt and Road” Initiatives and establish a wide range of international connections. 

A small step ahead today links the big step in the future. 


“Belt and Road” Initiative Special Exhibition Hall 

 Foreign Group Exhibition Hall 


Time: 9: 00-12: 15, November 17, 2017  

Venue: Narcissus Hall, 6th Floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 

Contact: Mr. Zhang, 0755-83005670, 18806658897,