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Curtain of the 2017 CHTF Belt and Road Innovative Cooperation Forum Rises on November 17
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-09

The Belt and Road Innovative Cooperation Forum of the China Hi-Tech Fair 2017 is set to raise the curtain at the presence of over 200 distinguished guests from scores of foreign administrations, embassies in China, international organizations, business and associations on November 17, 2017 at Narcissus Hall, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.    


It was worth noticing that DSwiss Group, also co-organizer of the forum has drawn in particularly five high-tech companies from Malaysia specialized in biotechnology, financing, optical industry, software and agricultural technology to join the forum, among which three are publicly listed companies in US like DSwiss. Executives from these companies are the best persons to illustrate the entrepreneurship in the ongoing innovation of the Belt and Road countries  

With a view to strengthening cooperation in economy and trade, the forum will elaborate on the theme of “Innovative Green Economy and Stronger Regional Cooperation” for increasing connectivity among Belt and Road countries. The forum is interested in motivating scientific innovation, and exploring cross-industry integration for a coordinative and sustainable development of the world in economy, culture and regional cooperation. 

A serial of brainstorming discussions on hot issues, release of latest progress by international organizations and the signing of project cooperation agreement between group exhibitors are scheduled for the forum and definitely shall not to be missed for both professionals and the public.