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Hall 2 | Amazing! Kitchen Rubbish Turns into Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-12

The year-on-year enhancement of people’s awareness on environmental protection boosts industrial development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries. Numerous related products are invented accordingly, some of which are amazing. At the 19th CHTF, 301(Shenzhen) Biological Environmental Protection Limited (hereinafter referred to as “301”) will show one for decomposing your kitchen rubbish.  

The driving force for sustainable development of the society  

301 is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the research and development, manufacturing and processing of waste organic matter, such as mud, sludge, household waste, plant stalks and kitchen waste. Except for that, it also serves the public with efficient, professional and intelligent technologies as well as an integral environmental solution. 

301 is strong in terms of its research and development ability because it has a large number of R&D personnel at home and abroad, including military scientists and technicians, and scientific and technical experts in related fields from Japan, Germany, Finland and Canada. With decades of experience in environmental protection and energy saving industry, its R&D team has invented numerous leading products and developed multiple advanced technologies in the following areas: flue gas treatment, sludge treatment, innocuous solid waste treatment, carbonization of plant straw, kitchen waste treatment and treatment of farms pigs died of disease. Sticking to the implementation of the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction in an all-round way and ecological environmental protection, the company spares no efforts in advocating the value on environmental protection, resource and waste recycling. In line with the corporate vision of innovative service and win-win cooperation, it works with other national counterparts to promote coordinated development between economic and social development and the population, resources and environment in order to promote cyclic economy and sustainable development of our society. 

Household Kitchen Garbage Disposal Machine 

Household compact device for kitchen garbage disposal is one of 301’s series of harmless treatment equipment with integrated advanced automation and digital control technology. A set of processing technology has been applied including on-site filtration, dehydration, deodorant, solid-liquid separation, and pressure cake. During the on-site operation, it is smell-free. Waste water will be separated rapidly to solid and liquid sewage, and then turns into clean water.  

It can be placed directly to the kitchen thanks to its compact size. Family leftovers could be poured in through the lid, after fully mixture and stirring with the efficient microbial strains, they will be decomposed and transformed into carbon dioxide and water vapor. The inside gas would be decomposed by the photocatalyst and then activated by carbon adsorption, at last, the gas discharges from the rear end of the outlet without any odor. In addition, the device is power saving. Only by consuming 2 degrees of electricity per day can your kitchen waste be totally decomposed. 

 Exhibitor location: Hall 2 / Green Building Expo / 2G86 

The 19th CHTF will present more awesome products full of scientific and technological innovation. These achievements will not only show the depth and height that technology and R&D can reach, but also demonstrates the potential and stamina of technological development and people’s confidence, passion and strength in pushing forward the sustainable development . 

Time of the 19th CHTF: November 16-21, 2017  

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center