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poiler Alert! 2017 CHTF New Energy Exhibition: Green Energy Dominates Future
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-13

The development of new energy will not only be a sufficient supplement to the whole energy supply system but a major approach in environmental treatment and ecology protection. It is going to be the ultimate alternative of energy supply for the sustainable development of human society, according to the New Energy Exhibition in the CHTF 2017.  

Thanks to the state-level initiatives and innovation in technology, new energy is gaining adaptability and public consciousness on the greenness of energy kept rising. The new energy sector is expecting a further transformation on the fundamental structure of the industry despite of hurdles and challenges.  

Statistics released by the National Energy Administration and REN21 indicated that China ranked first in the world in terms of photo voltaic installed capacity, wind power installed capacity and solar powered water heater installation. With an overall investment of US$87.8 billion, China constitutes the largest investor of green energy in the international society.   

About national endorsement: The Management Plan of Average Fuel Consumption and New Energy Automobile Bonus Points for Passenger Vehicle Producers launched by state regulators like the Ministry of Industry and Information on September 28, 2017 is one of the state-level initiatives to fuel up the growth of new energy industry. By the end of 2017, the overall consumption of the new energy cars in China is expected to exceed 700,000, 500,000 of which are passenger vehicles. It is estimated that by 2018, the overall consumption of new energy vehicles may reach 900,000, 700,000 of which are passenger vehicle. In general, the momentum of new energy is expected to remain high.  

About technical innovation: As the material technology is getting ripe for the market and has gradually come into public notice, the growth of the energy storage industry accelerates as well, greatly thanks to the on-going industrial restructuring, and the administrative endorsement at all levels. Hundreds of billions of investment flood in competing for a share in the coming energy transformation and reports on energy giants’ tapping into the storage business no longer made a novelty.  

About the market: In accordance with the Paris Agreement and the Beautiful China Plan, by 2050, China’s emission of COwill need to drop to where it used to stand back in the 1980s, which will make the green power even more critical to the sustainability of our economic development. It is estimated that by then, more than 86% of the total electricity has to come from power generated by renewable resources. Among it, 60% will have to be generated from wind power and solar power.      

In China, a favorable environment for the application and development of green energy has come into being, as the nation has been gradually adjusting both its green energy policy and the industrial structure for the benefit of the industry. The government and the society took proactive measures to encourage the development of leading new energy companies and to facilitate the application of new energy in all trades of life. The new energy industry is officially embracing its development dividend.    

The New Energy Exhibition will display the new development and the new trend of the new energy industry during China Hi-Tech Fair 2017 (CHTF 2017), which is to be staged in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 16 to 21. Located in Hall 2, the New Energy Exhibition, as a window for directions, will elaborate on the latest progress in solar power, nuclear power, and the power storage technology. In line with the comprehensive presentation, professional seminars will be convened, where experts, scholars, and experienced professionals will share thoughts on the status-quo and the future of the industry.     

What’s new in the energy exhibition: The Graduate Institute of Tsinghua University (2G78, Hall 2) and Graduate Institute of the Harbin Institute of Technology (2G79, Hall 2) will respectively present cutting edge products and models in new energy, energy conservation and environment protection. The CGN (1A46, Hall 1) will show a miniature of its latest nuclear power plant and the Shenzhen Hi-Chip Company (2G72, Hall 2) will unveil its distributed generation and storage system, home storage system and the lithium battery and photovoltaic battery.       

In addition to the debut of new products, the upgraded products with higher function and efficiency are to be staged on the New Energy Exhibition, too. Like the super lithium-ion battery developed by Hunan Huahui Energy (2G62, Hall 2), the Intelligent programmed biogas engineering solutions launched by BIPU (2A38, Hall 2) and the solar power LED designed by the Shenzhen Xishun Oganic Silicon Technology, to name just a few.    

For further information, kindly reach our exhibition contacts at 0755-82848853, 82848856, 82848857