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Connecting High-Tech Transformation between Russia and China
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-20

The elevation of Russia's comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination with China has escalated the high-tech cooperation between the two countries, a shared priority on the agenda of the two governments. Each presence of the Russian Delegation led by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the Foreign Pavilion was an indisputable highlight of the CHTF. The China Russia Comprehensive Colleges Alliance was officially established in the city of Shenzhen last September. For this 2017 CHTF, the Ministry of Education and Science orchestrated the presence of a high profile delegation composed by nearly 20 research institutes, universities and innovative enterprises in mobile technology, new material, information and telecommunication and came for the 2017 CHTF.

Mr. Gennady Popov, Vice President of the International Union of Instrument & ITT Engineers, as he shared insights on the Russian projects, told the reporter of the CHTF News Express, that the Russian delegation has brought this time a number of well developed projects and some are mature enough to be put into production and marketing. In view of that, the Russian Delegation staged a project release conference on China Russia High-Tech Transformation and Cooperation.

According to Mr. Popov, a R&D center jointly established by Huawei and universities in Moscow has recently come to public knowledge as a success story of the productive cooperation between enterprises and universities of the two countries. With its profound understanding in the Russian Market and long time interaction with the Chinese Embassy in Russia, the Union is in the right position to provide Chinese SMEs interested in the Eastern Europe and Russian Market with precise consultation in cooperation and investment with Russian research institutes.

Established as early as 1955, "the Union was and remains dedicated to assisting the Russian research institutes who need to transform the technologies into products and we are very proud of our close connection with the Chinese authorities ", said Mr. Popov. And he added that "On November 23, the China Russia Youth Forum and the China Russia High-Tech Forum will be convened respectively in Moscow. It is one of the many attempts of the Union to develop the long-term mechanism for cooperation among the Four Cities in Two Nations, i.e., Moscow, Shenzhen, Harbin and Yekaterinburg "