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Greece: Ready for “The Belt and Road”
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-20

Greece has been sending a large delegation to China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen over the past 11 years. With China’s increasing economic strength, the business community in Greece focuses more on its partnership with Chinese companies.

Mr. Fotios Provatas, Chairman of Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, said that after Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed “The Belt and Road”, Greece has been ready to serve as China’s gateway to Europe and a China-Europe transport hub. Greece is the first European country that arrives from China via the Maritime Silk Road. Making investments in Greece is the first step in tapping into the European market. Chinese goods are tax-free when being sold to other European countries after a transit in Greece.

 “We must cooperate with China in the future and invite other Chinese companies to make investments in Greece and cooperate with us in energy, transportation, infrastructure and tourism. What COSCO Group, as a member of Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation, has achieved in Greece can serve as a good example,” said Provatas. As a transportation hub on the new Maritime Silk Road, Shenzhen and Athens play a key role and have established a sister city relationship. He stressed China and Greece’s prospect in tourism cooperation: The number of Chinese tourists to Greece is 300,000 and the Chinese government promises the figure will reach 1.5 million in two years and Greece has made preparations. We launched special services for Chinese tourists, such as labeling in Chinese, Chinese food and hot water, allowing them to enjoy blue sea and sky in small islands of Greece.”