2018/11/14-18 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
Telecom Giants Head for the Dawn of 5G
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-21

Imagine this. You wake up in the morning with the index of the sleep meticulously recorded. The air conditioning adjusts automatically as you desire. Consumption of power and water in your house can be traced on your phone. With the Smart Home System installed in the same phone, you can keep track of the house and control the home appliances though you are not at home. You get boarded on a self piloting automobile and the route you travel by, the oil consumption and your location will be perfectly collected and transferred back to the central system. This interaction between the vehicle and the central system will continue throughout your journey. Doesn’t it sound miraculous?  

As technology progressed from the 1st generation wireless telecommunication technology to the 4th generation, it was technically no longer a problem, as to how people can be better connected. The 5th generation intends to think out of the box, looking at connecting man with objects, or the interaction between objects. And that has been named the internet of things.  

The 5G Era of Industry and Information Exhibition, staged in Hall 4 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition bang the drum for the 5G Era and the shows covered all aspects in the R&D and technical application of the 5G . In particular, it highlighted the integration between mobile telecommunication and  the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, VR, Internet Plus, Industrial Internet, Intelligent Manufacturing, the Internet of Cars, and unmanned driving. Of all the exhibitors, the three high profile telecom giants, CTCC, CMCC and CUCC were the indisputable stars.  


The CTCC was first to raise the idea of Eco-Cube, which contains 5 major ecological circles, namely the intelligent connecting, the internet of things, the emerging of ICT, the Smart Home, and the Internet financing. Every piece of this Rubik’s Cube is open to rearrangement in accordance with the clients’ desire. This dynamic and colorful new Eco-Cube is believed to be a leading solution in the new era of IoT.  


CMCC elaborated on the theme of Connecting the Future and piloted exploration in Smart Metering, Smart Home, Package Tracing and Smart Wearable Devices, based on its innovative IoT technology with the view to constructing a health ecology for the development of IoE. It released in the 2017 CHTF its NB-IoT based Intelligent Precaution System, the 5G Panorama Video, Digital Home Platform, presenting a sensational experience to the visitors.      


The fascinating presentation on a score of leading products and solutions in 5G External Field Test , 5G devices, and the Intelligent Network, contained three parts, i.e., 5G, Innovation and IoT, and echoed the very concept of “Wo for the World of the Future” proposed by CUCC. 

It focused on CUCC’s innovation in four major sectors, i.e., 5G external field test, 5G controlled UAV, 5G intelligent factory and 5G edge cloud and provided the visitors with a chance to experience the 5G external test field indoor. Thanks to the amazing band width of the 5 generational technology, the UAV and robots may be preciously and promptly controlled. The 5G Edge Cloud Technology made up for the deficiency of the AI Video Analysis and improved the delay and increased the user experience to a great extend. Visitors experienced the application of 5G technology in a variety of scenario emergency communication, intelligent factory, intelligent security and facial recognition.    

Players of “the Glory of the King” also could have fun with the game at the speed of 5G got the real sense of being a King.   

The China Telecommunication Exhibition waved the wand of “loogoos”, unfolded the magical eco-cube and ushered in the fresh air of the smart life. 

Come and experience the 5G innovation of the IoT era.