2018/11/14-18 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
China Hi-tech Fair, Shenzhen and Its People
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-22

A city defines its residents. Shenzhen is an innovation center and the long-time host city of China’s No. 1 technology fair. Its residents are probably the most hi-tech enthusiastic and sensitive in China. People living in this city like visiting CHTF to see the future of this city and the future of themselves. 


So what CHTF has been bringing to the people of Shenzhen? The most impressive thing about CHTF is that it has brought significant changes to people’s life in the past 19 years. 

On the first day of CHTF 2017, A Shenzhen citizen nicknamed Douwaner shared her story in her WeChat Moment, “19 years ago, I visited CHTF for the first time. Back then, Tencent was only known for QQ and there were many penguin-themed dolls and cups in their booth. So cute. And I bought a penguin cup.” She mocked herself “Why did I buy a cup instead of their shares?” 


At the very first CHTF, what impressed the citizens the most was Tencent and USB flash disk. Now Tencent is a tech behemoth in its zenith, and the USB flash disk is a common tool that is available everywhere. In the following years, there were always some symbolic enterprises, technologies or products getting remembered by the public, whose life would have in return been influenced and changed by them. 


With these sweet memories, Shenzhen residents always have strong enthusiasm towards CHTF, particularly those disruptive technologies/products which can always attract the most audience. 


Once the residents visited CHTF, many new products would be discussed instantly on social media, such as the 3D-print human ovary, the sports suit that can monitor the heart rate, the detergent-free washing machine, the AR dress-changing, etc. Isn’t it exciting to imagine that these products would be applied in our daily life in near future? 

CHTF is like a magnet that attracts people and turns many of them from fans to Makers. 


The first day of CHTF 2017 witnessed the grandest feast of the year for Shenzhen Makers. Among nearly 300 Maker projects, 6 were awarded with financial support. Notably, many of these Makers visited CHTF with their parents when they were still young boys and girls. Now, little fans have become innovative Makers and they will grow into experts to lead the Maker development in Shenzhen. This is probably the long-standing interaction between CHTF and Shenzhen. 

CHTF brings hi-tech closer to Shenzhen residents, making them more aware of hi-tech and more willing to commit themselves to hi-tech industries.