2018/11/14-18 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
Sneak peek into panel display field exhibitions at CHTF 2018
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2018-08-10

As the optimal channel to gain a better understanding of the research and development results and direction of the optoelectronic display industry at home and abroad, the optoelectronic display exhibition at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2018 (CHTF 2018) will focus on optoelectronic display technology and products featuring intelligent interconnection covering the entire industry chain.  

Four exhibition areas will be set up, covering areas including new-type display materials, panel display, display materials and equipment and test instruments. The exhibition areas will give multi-dimension shows of products and technologies in the field of flexible panel displays, VR and AR modules, holographic displays, optic glass and test equipment for panel displays.   

Growing numbers of smartphones are beginning to use 3D curved glass to make mobile phone screens. At present, there aren’t many large 3D curved phone screens due to technical limitations. Shenzhen-based technology company Finesun, with its own developed glass bending machine, can produce 10-inch curved screens. The machine is mainly used for curved glass cover plate and 3D protective sheet, adopting annular furnace body design structure and thermal insulation layer made of low thermal conductive synthetic metal to transform flat glass into 3D curved glass by heating and pressing. Finesun’s pavilion is located at 3D28 of the third exhibition area of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.  

Taojingchi, yet another technology company from Shenzhen, is famous for its intelligent serial screen (Human Machine Interface) and will also showcase its latest products at the China Hi-Tech Fair. The screen is equipped with dozens of functional controls with programmable hardware resources which can achieve special effects such as transparency and the ability of playing multi-channel audio and video. Taojingchi will set up its pavilion at 3A06 of the third exhibition area of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.  

Qudee Technology from the city of Guangzhou is a high-tech firm dedicated to the research and production of capacitive touch screens. The screens developed by the company features all-glass structure, better stability and optical clarity and uses optical bonding, large-scale fitting technology and other high technologies, offering better viewing experience in daylight readability, greater sensitivity and display accuracy. The pavilion of Qudee Technology will be set up at 3C37 of the third exhibition area of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.  

During the exhibitions, the 2018 China International Display Conference, one of the most influential events in the display field in China will be held in Shenzhen where experts, scholars, and corporate executives from home and abroad will be invited to share the most cutting-edge display technologies, ideas and achievements.  

The conference will pay more attention to the integration of content planning with the optoelectronics display exhibitions, deeply explore the technical basis, investment environment and policy conditions of the development of China's display industry cluster, analyze the development direction of future display technologies and reveal China's opportunities and challenges in the display industry chain.