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Smart autos in science-fiction movies becoming a reality
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2018-09-05

Smart cars can be described as an essential element of science fiction movies, which carry people's infinite imagination and indicate the future direction of science and technology. 

 Today, smart cars are no longer a distant dream. With the passage of time and advances in technology, artificial intelligence technology has become increasingly mature, and unmanned and intelligent cars are becoming a reality. 

In 2018, smart driving technology is undergoing great changes. What sorts of new products and technologies will be unveiled at the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF 2018)? Let’s take a peek!  

The new auto-pilot driving system 

Pavilion 1A03, Information Technology and Products Exhibition, No 1 Pavilion, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center 

The level 4 autopilot system is a new autopilot system developed by Roadstar.ai. 

The first generation of self-driving Level 4 solution "Aries•Rui" is the world's first solution equipped with domestic laser radar, featuring low cost, high performance and leading technology level. 

Roadstar.ai has developed two key technologies, HeteroSync and DeepFusion. Integrating with multiple sensors including lidars, cameras, radars, GPS and so on, HeteroSync provides highly accurate time and spatial synchronization, real-time update and robust features extracted from the fused high-dimensional raw data. Taking the advantages of fused high-dimensional sensor data, DeepFusion produces a truly robust, efficient and safe autonomous driving solution. Based on the two technologies, the company has achieved unmanned public road tests in California and domestic cities with highly complex urban road conditions. It is worth mentioning that the level 4 autopilot system has completed the full process test of open road operations, and is now ready for commercial operations.

The new auto-pilot driving Central Processing Unit 

Pavilion 1B20, Information Technology and Products Exhibition, No 1 Pavilion, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center 

The Journey series processor is China's first world-leading embedded artificial intelligence vision chip independently designed and developed by Shenzhen-based Horizon Robotics. The processor is designed for automatic driving, and can accurately monitor and identify many types of targets such as pedestrians, motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, lane lines, traffic signs, traffic lights and so forth to achieve high-level assisted driving functions. 

On April 26 this year, Horizon Robotics also released the next-generation autopilot processor Journey 2.0 architecture and Matrix 1.0, a high-level autopilot computing platform based on the architecture of Journey 2.0 processor. 

The new auto-pilot truck 

Pavilion 1A20, Information Technology and Products Exhibition, No 1 Pavilion, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center  

The Beijing-based autonomous truck solutions provider TuSimple will also put its latest auto-pilot technology on display at CHTF 2018. The self-driving trucks are equipped with computer vision technology independently developed by TuSimple and with sensing means such as millimeter wave radar, laser radar and high-precision map, it can realize the full driverless driving on highways, ports and fields with low logistics costs and higher road safety. 

Moreover, the new self-driving truck uses TuSimple’s cutting-edge sensor technology to reliably sense road conditions within 300 meters, making it easier for trucks to make safe and efficient decisions. Its autonomous driving system can make wiser driving decisions compared to humans while saving great amounts of fuel burn.  

The CHTF 2018 will set up a thematic exhibition area for smart cars for the first time at the Information Technology and Product Exhibition, focusing on technologies and products in the fields of driverless driving, autonomous driving, and intelligent car control systems. There is also going to be a product experience zone in the exhibition area where audiences can participate in the interactive experience on site and experience the various high-tech smart cars that appear in science fiction movies. Stay tuned!