14.- 18. November 2018 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
Peking University to attend CHTF 2018, exhibit scientific research projects
News sources: Release Date:2018-11-01

The 20th China Hi-Tech Fair, or CHTF 2018, is scheduled to be held in Shenzhen from Nov 14 to 18 and Peking University has recently announced it will bring some of its latest scientific research products to the event.  



Shenzhen-based technology companies such as Hin Yeun and Mircrolink are among the featured enterprises of Peking University's exhibition.  


Dedicated to creating intelligent brains and intelligent vision for industrial robots, Hin Yeun has introduced its products to well-known platforms such as Huawei, SF Express, and JD. Its scientific research products are expected to be widely used in consumer electronics, logistics, food and other fields in the future. 




Microlink is a mature enterprise engaged in precision sensing technology. Its core products focus on realizing intelligent control and management through data acquisition and processing under multi-dimensional states. The company has cooperated with Huawei, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Jiangxi Expressway and Yantian Port, receiving wide acclaim. 


Peking University's exhibition team will bring more outstanding research teams and achievements to CHTF 2018 than ever before. Some of the exhibits have applied for relevant patents or have even been applied in some industries. The core members of the team are composed of PhD and master degrees holders, including renowned engineers and authoritative experts from home and abroad.   



As frontiers of scientific research and innovation, colleges and universities have been the highlights of previous hi-tech fairs. Peking University, as an important exhibitor at previous hi-tech fairs, will showcase innovative research projects and the latest scientific research results together with many other universities to boost the economy and lead the economic transformation and upgrading.