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Geographic information software aids water distribution
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2018-11-05

NEXUS GeoEngineering, established in 1993, is a company focused on the organization and systematization of information for water distribution companies. 


The company develops mapping software for the registration of water networks, sewage and drainage, as well as providing geographic information software in support of the commercial and operational management of its clients. 


Exhibition Product: GeoSan

GeoSan is an open source geographic information system whose objective is to allow the realization of a technical register of water pipe networks integrated with commercial information. The information is then exported to hydraulic simulation systems, such as the Environmental Protection Agency for Water Network (EPANET) in the USA. The main objective is to reduce water loss in municipalities. 


Technological aspects and competitiveness:

The open source technology is completely adapted for water supply companies. The company does not sell software but offers services for training and implementation, transferring the technology to water, information technology and engineering companies. 


Further information:

The company converted 3,000 km of pipes supplying 300,000 consumers from CAD, paper drawings and local knowledge to GIS mapping in the city of Recife in Brazil. The project took 50 students four hours a day over 7 months.