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China's first 5G smart production line launched in Wuhan
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2019-04-12

Chinas first 5G smart manufacturing production line was launched in Central China's Hubei province on April 10, and the 5G Smart Factory, based on 5G technology, was put into operation. 


The smart factory, jointly set up by China Mobile Hubei and China Information Communication Technologies Group, was the largest wireless product manufacturing base with the highest degree of automation in Central China before transformation. After upgrading, it has introduced a networking mode of 5G wireless + 5G edge computing + mobile cloud platform, which will greatly increase production efficiency and help to realize its high-tech functions. The mode includes device point-to-point communication, uploading data onto cloud for devices, horizontal multi-plant collaboration, and vertical interconnection of supply chains.  


As one of the first batch of pilot cities of 5G experimental networks, Wuhan has established its 5G experimental network with 100 base stations, creating valuable reference data for the study of the large-scale construction of a 5G network, as well as making important technical contributions to China Mobiles 5G pre-commercial services.