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AI helps trace missing children
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2019-06-12

An information-sharing program equipped with facial recognition technology has been built to help identify and track missing children. 


Guangzhou Charity Association and PCITECH Co launched the strategic cooperation, creating a tracing service platform using AI technology. It can not only perform facial recognition and improve the efficiency of searching for lost children, but also simulate aging and provide up-to-date facial profiles for old cases. 


PCITECH Co is a professional provider of artificial intelligence technology and products in China, offering facial recognition, structured knowledge graphs and intelligent big data technology services to the world.  


According to Liu Bin, vice president of PCITECH, their facial recognition technology has an accuracy of 99.9 percent and 100,000 comparisons can be performed per second. It will greatly save on labor costs and improve the efficiency of tracing. The face aging simulation uses an AI algorithm to simulate the growth and development of faces in order to generate pictures of a missing child’s current appearance based on childhood photos, thus helping them to find relatives who have been missing for a long time more effectively. 


The platform includes a website, WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini Program. Netizens can post pictures of children suspected of having been trafficked and parents looking for their children can also send photos to the platform. 


All the photos uploaded to the platform will only generate digital signatures in the system. The original images will not be retained and the uploaded photos will only be opened when checking for potential matches to ensure information security. 


Many Internet companies, including Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba, have applied AI technology to tracing services and initiated projects to search for missing relatives. Tencent has helped police recover seven abducted people who went missing as far back as 10 years ago using AI technology. 


"Data association can bring maximized value," said Liu Bin. "It is difficult to achieve the best results with only one platform." He hopes that more domestic platforms will be integrated and connected together to access more data and bring more lost children home. 



An AI company showcases its image recognition technology during an internet expo. [Photo/China Daily]