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Tech News (June 29 - July 3)
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2020-07-08

1. Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong Railway starts operation 

The world's first bridge with a span of more than 1,000 meters that serves both cars and trains began operations on Wednesday in Nantong, Jiangsu province.  


The Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge stretches 11,072 meters, with a single span of 1,092 meters. It took six years and four months to build between Nantong and Zhangjiagang, a county-level city of Suzhou. 


With a designed speed of 200 kilometers per hour, the new bridge will also cut the travel time between Nantong and China's economic hub Shanghai from 3.5 hours to just one hour and six minutes. From Nantong, the railway enters Shanghai through Zhangjiagang, Changshu, and Taicang in Suzhou, Jiangsu. 


2. China builds world's largest COVID-19 vaccine production workshop 

On June 28, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) inactivated vaccine jointly developed by the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention and the Beijing Institute of China National Biotec Group (CNBG) showed safe and effective results in the Phase I/II clinical blinding trials. 


Meanwhile, CNBG has taken the lead in building the world's largest production workshop for a COVID-19 vaccine, with an annual production capacity of 100 million doses after mass production. This is also the only one in the world that meets biosafety and GMP standards, as well as can meet the demands of emergency vaccination in quantity, filling the biosecurity gap in the vaccine field of the prevention and control of major domestic diseases. 


3. China's first loess high-speed railway tunnel across opens 

The 6.78-kilometer-long Shangge village tunnel of the newly constructed Yinchuan-Xi’an Railway opened to traffic on June 27. The Yinchuan-Xi’an high-speed railway passes through the edge of the Maowusu Desert from south to north through the Dongzhi Plateau, the world’s largest loess plateau. It is the first domestic ballasted high-speed railway with built in the longest section of loess layer in China. 


The tunnel has a maximum water content of 33 percent, a longitudinal slope of 25 percent, a maximum buried depth of 102 meters, and the shallowest exit of only 6 meters. It is the first high-speed railway tunnel in China that passes through the wettest loess and mud. 

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